5 out of 5



  • Shot and a half of Southern Comfort

  • Splash of Malibu

  • Splash of Disaronno

  • Finish off with Raspberry Lemonade

This drink is the brainchild of my friend Andre and his wife and it has become a favorite among friends. It has gone by many names, but the most common is The Southern Lady (or “that one drink”). The name was derived from the base ingredient and the pink color of the lemonade, which we thought made for a fitting title for the concoction that almost everyone will drink.

The exact measurement of the “Splash” is based on personal preference, but about an eighth to a third of a shot is the average. I personally go with about a fourth of a shot. I also tend to put more Malibu in than Disaronno to get the coconut flavor of the liqueur while still having the bittersweet almond-like aftertaste, but that is my personal preference. As with most drinks, experimentation is key, but once perfected, you will likely have a drink that you will want to make again and again.

Props go to Andre and Lexa Cotan, who introduced me to this during a night of bonfire conversations and good friends.


(And as always, drink responsibly.)

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