One of the best parts of the clubs at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is that they are a great way to get in touch with the community. The Assembly of Ballroom Dancers got to see just how big the dance community is here in Prescott. Recently a good friend of the group, Kent Keegan, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma but was without a way to afford the treatment that was greatly needed.

Naturally when faced with crisis we dance, and what a dance it was. Located at the Prescott Racquet Club Saturday April 13, this dance was not one to miss. Originally meant to be an open house for the new studio that several of the dance instructors recently opened at the beginning of the year the event was well into the planning long before diagnoses.

Featuring a bar, two dance floors, a live band, rounded out by a silent and live auction the event was prepped to be big.

Several of the students from the Assembly of Ballroom Dancers were glad to offer their services and help with setup and teardown of the event. Micaela Stewart even donated five of her paintings to the auction including the jet engine featured in the artist’s corner of the 10th edition of the Horizons Newspaper.

What a turnout we had. Over 200 people showed up at the Racquet Club to support Kent. While both dance floors were packed everyone had a great time dancing and just having a great night.

One of my favorite parts was the special dance where people lined up for a chance to dance with Kent and Katrina, for a donation of course. The men and women crowded their way to get their chance to dance with the guests of honor for the night. A whopping $450 in donations was made from this dollar dance alone.

The big event of the night was a showcase dance featuring performers of all ages. Among those performing in the showcase were some of our own students from Embry-Riddle who performed the closing waltz to Frank Sinatra’s ‘Dream Away’. The show cases ranged from a series of completion dances and a fully costumed Foxtrot. There were swing dancers and even the Monday night Salsa Rueda class which includes a few Embry-Riddle students.

The evening turned into a bigger success than what could ever have been predicted with a grand total of over $6000 dollars raised to help Kent get the treatment that he needs. “I can’t believe the turnout for this dance, it is so wonderful to see all of the support,” said Kent Keegan.

The Assembly of Ballroom Dancers is proud to be a part of the Prescott dance community and to support Kent all the way through his treatment and recovery. Get well soon Kent!

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