Looking for a new vibe to jam to during any time of the day and no matter what is the mood? Radical Something can provide a new twist to your musical enjoyment by throwing in some hip-hop, blended with reggae, and a California beach vibe.

The band trio consists of Loggy (Alex Lagemann), Josh Cocktail (Josh Hallbauer), and Big Red (Michael Costanzo) who produce their music together in Southern California after meeting in New York City.

Currently the band has three albums: We Are Nothing, No Sweat, and Summer of Rad. Currently, they are in the works of a fourth album that will be released this summer. After two tours across the United States, the band is becoming to be more popular as they bring their music to different cities and schools. If enough interest is shown, it’s even possible for the band to put on a show at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University!

This band puts on a great concert and ensures that their fans are having a great time. In addition, they made sure that they met every fan that attended their concert. It is pretty rare to meet a band and shake all the members hands after the show is over. The experience from going to a concert with this band performing is that it is a guaranteed good time. It is a venue full of cool people who are there to enjoy good music and meet new people. If lucky, there is even a possibility to kick back and party with the band after the show is over.

Radical Something is a band worth giving a shot to listen to and offers all their music for free to download on their website. They like to ensure a good connection with their fans. So go ahead and listen by scanning the QR code and checking out the website to vibe to some good jams for free. Hopefully you will enjoy it and Rep the Rad!

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