Research geared for finding the best school for flight involved a main study across six, four-year degree aviation training colleges, including Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). What the researchers were looking for was the most efficient four-year universities for flight training.

Their criterion was based off three things: the culture of the school, the time it takes to train a pilot, and reputation. They found that in two of the criteria ERAU came out on top, with a fourth of the school’s culture being aviation related, and the reputation of having been in the business of training pilots since 1926.

They weighed each criterion and decided that the time to train, reputation, and culture were the most important factors. Jeffrey Beall summed it up well. “When someone says ERAU, you think of a plane.”

One of the main factors of their research was the CFR Title 15, Part 141, Subsection 57 which is “Special Curricula” which means that colleges under Part 141.57 can make their curriculum as difficult or easy as they wish as long as they stay within the guidelines and make sure they meet the minimum FAA requirements.

Although the study began with evaluating ten schools, “we narrowed it down to six due to the amount of information we could find on each school’s curriculum,” noted Kiel Bradley. They were careful to compare all schools based on the 2012 financial calendar, and as Beall put it, “we were trying to find out who was the best school for flight while still getting information out for other prospective students where they can figure out where they want to go for school.”

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