Dan Anderson is working on a project about aircraft on ground time for part 91 corporate operators. Anderson’s idea began while he was interning at a company. They asked him to investigate an issue of “No fault found parts.” “I’m not an engineer nor a mechanic, so I wanted to look at the bigger picture of aircraft on ground time,” said Anderson. He approached his research by thinking like a department manager who is trying to convey information to the CEO. He split his problem into two cases. External issues, where there are problems that flight departments cannot directly affect and internal issues, which are recommended maintenance practices.

By conducting a survey and comparing information, he is analyzing what time can be saved and utilized on aircraft while grounded. He is examining all parameters in his survey. It covers utilization time, ground time for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and maintenance practices. Then, the survey information is compared to information of how aircraft are impacted on the ground. He is looking more for what the flight department needs to do to fix these ground issues. The only downside to his research is that his survey is taken from one company rather than spread out amongst more.

Anderson so far has made a few important discoveries while reviewing his information that deserve attention. One issue is there is not much FAA oversight on MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) service centers. Due to this lack of oversight, Anderson says, “MRO service centers lack obedience to FAA regulations.” He continues to express the importance of such practices by stating his conclusions so far. “Very interesting issue, and definitely has a negative impact on corporate operations that rely on above average aircraft utilization. Also this directly relates the company’s request to research the issue on “No Fault Found” parts”.

Anderson’s research is aimed to better the maintenance practices of grounded aircraft and make air travel safer.

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