It has been a busy month for the ASIS Eagle Committee. A few weeks ago a select group of ASIS members travelled down to Tucson to visit the Raytheon facility under the invitation of Physical Security Manager John McGrath. In addition to learning about hiring opportunities and how to apply, the students were treated to an extensive tour of the facility.

The students were able to see the “petting zoo” with scale models of Raytheon Missile Systems such as the Javelin, Phalanx CIWS (Close-In Weapon System), and many air-to-ground missiles. The students were also able to visit “the Cave.”

The Cave is a two-part area that includes the VIRTRA firearms training simulation and the interactive 3D display. The VIRTRA firearms training simulation provides Raytheon’s security officers with state-of-the-art judgmental-use-of-force training and is also used by federal, state and local law enforcement around the country. The interactive 3D display allows engineers to get “hands-on” with virtual blueprints and products to enhance the design process.

Students were also treated to briefings on counterintelligence, information assurance, counterterrorism, security force operations, investigations, and the dispatch center. Many students were also able to meet the actual facility security officer. It was a great opportunity that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. The Committee will hopefully be returning to Raytheon next semester.

Just a few days later, the Eagle Committee proudly hosted guest speaker Professor Tom Foley for a discussion on bank security and bank robbers at its March 25 meeting on campus. Videos of failed bank robberies were the highlight of the presentation; of course, the favorite video was of a Chinese bank robber attempting to break through bullet-resistant glass in a bank with a hatchet. When he finally broke through, the police arrived and apprehended the suspect in a fairly comical exchange.

Professor Foley also described one of the fastest growing sections of banking and financial security: anti-money laundering. This is a field that involves analyzing financial transactions to curtail funding for terrorist and drug cartels. The website [] had more than 2,000 anti money laundering job openings at the time of the meeting.

Closely following these two events was the ASIS Eagle Committee and Prescott Police Department’s training day with world-renowned private detective Michele Stuart. The Committee was thrilled to bring her back to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University again and the committee look forward to providing more opportunities of the like.

Today, the ASIS Eagle Committee is eagerly preparing for the GSIS Career Fair on April 11 and the Paintball Tournament on April 13. If you are interested in finding out more about the ASIS International Eagle Committee, please attend the next meeting on April 15 in Room 133 of Building 17 at 5pm. Major McMahon of the US Air Force will be speaking about his long career in the Air Force.



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