On the morning of March 30, a total of 27 participants showed up to run on the school’s 5k course in honor of veterans and to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The school’s Student Veteran’s Organization and infamous Steven M. Scherp Squadron sponsored the Veteran’s Appreciation 5k run and ensured its success. This event has been sponsored and put on by these two organizations for many years now and is pretty well known around campus and the community.

Local nutrition store, Complete Nutrition (which is located by the Sam’s Club in Prescott Valley) was at this event giving out free samples of their line of supplements in order to promote fitness and their business. Other incentives of the event included the traditional shirt and goodie bag that the sponsors include with registration of the run. In addition, POW/MIA and survival bracelets could be purchased to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. In total, the sponsors of the event raised around $450 dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Amongst the participants, 79 year-old Colonel Fred Cone completed the run and arrived at the finish line along with some Army ROTC members that accompanied him throughout the course. A freshman student, Adrian Castillo, with a time of 19 minutes and 46 seconds, ran the fastest time achieved.

The medalists of the race and their times are as follows:


First: Samantha (Local) 27:46

Second: Lauren Hall (Student) 30:26

Third: Morgan Conklin and Laura Spindler (Students) 32:36


First: Adrian Castillo (Student) 19:46

Second: Alex Duval D’ Adrian (Student) 22:13

Third: Ryan Hernandez (Student) 22:46

Sophomore Morgan Conklin said she enjoyed the race and the importance of it to the ERAU community. “Even though it’s a small event, I think it deserves to get a lot of recognition from the University and the Prescott community for supporting veterans. It was great to come out and run.”

The event was a success and will return again during the Fall semester to honor those who are prisoners of war or missing in action.




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