There’s only one more month until Summer vacation and everyone is craving that Summer body. Luckily, this issue pertains to getting that bikini body ready to be flaunted all Summer long. So ladies, it can all be done with this workout and dedication to getting what you want.

The overall workout is pretty rough, however, it is fast paced and effective in burning fat and increasing your metabolism. Within four to six weeks results will show and everyone will know. This is all due to the high intensity interval training style of the workout that will ensure the burning of calories even after the workout has been concluded.

Depending on level of physique and goals, conduct both the strength workout and cardio workout in the same day. If just getting into the fitness regime, try the cardio workout one day and the strength workout the next day. Continue to alternate these workouts daily until confidence is reached to perform both workouts. In addition, perform the workout at least four to six days a week for four to six weeks.

This workout must be combined with a healthy diet and healthy habits to ensure results.

In order to digest all this information including proper nutrition, habits, and the workout schedule, scan the QR code and see if it’s right for you. Good luck in obtaining your fitness aspirations and enjoy the personal results.


Strength workout

Perform each triset three times. Rest for 60 seconds between each round

Triset: 3 sets

Barbell Squat- 8 reps

Barbell bench press- medium grip – 8 reps

Leg extensions- 12 reps

Triset- 3 sets

Bent over barbell row- 8 reps

Barbell deadlift- 8 reps

Barbell curl- 12 reps

Triset: 3 sets

Dumbbell lunges- 10 reps

Barbell shoulder press- 10 reps

Seated leg curl- 10 reps

Triset: 3 sets

Wide grip lat pull-down- 10 reps

Barbell step-ups- 10 reps

Standing dumbbell triceps extension- 12 reps


Cardio workout

Perform each triset set twice. Rest 60 seconds between each round

Triset: 2 sets

Freehand Jump Squat (1 minute)

Push Ups (1 minute)

Walking lunges (1 minute)

Triset: 2 sets

Pull-ups (1 minute)

Barbell deadlift (1 minute)

Side lateral raise (1 minute)

Triset: 2 sets

Bent over barbell row (1 minute)

Barbell step-ups (1 minute)

Barbell curl (1 minute)

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