Sodexo Dining Services, the sole provider of dining options for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus, has been catering to the needs and wishes of the students. Through effective survey campaigns, Sodexo has been able to make these changes at an efficient pace. Because of this, students can expect to be able to affect change in the dining options available to them, within reason. These changes have mostly been occurring in the Earhart’s Dining Hall on campus.

The grilling section of the dining hall buffet now includes a build-your-own burger station, including hot toppings to choose from like grilled onions, or sautéed mushrooms. More pizza and pasta options have been added, including calzones and pizza pocket snacks on occasion.

360 Degrees Around, the main made-to-order section of Earhart’s, now offers more options throughout the week. Student-submitted surveys helped this change occur after a few complaints were received about having stir fry exclusively available after breakfast hours at 360 Degrees Around. Some items to be served at this station include meals like chicken burrito bowls, chicken and beef fajitas, etc. Matt Heller, Global Security and Intelligence Studies student, remarked, “there is less stir fry now, it is nice. I like calzones too.” Another positive change to the menu in the dining hall is the rotating in and out of different kinds of breakfast cereals. This will help ensure students are not stuck with only sugary cereal options, but more healthy and wholesome cereals as well.

Chris Wilke, Manager of Sodexo Dining Services, mentions, “we’re trying to mix up our menu to keep our options fresh for our students here”. While changes keep taking place, students can expect to be able to have their opinion and wishes heard by the management and dining hall manager Jody Buckle. Buckle, an experienced member in the foodservice industry, has brought a new line of thought to the Sodexo Dining Services management team.

Sodexo Dining Services has established a new student, faculty, and staff advisory board to oversee potential changes in the food options offered on campus. Made up of students like Maurice Kirsch and chaired by Dean of Students Larry Stephan, the ERAU Food Service Committee intends to assist in the outreach to students in order to more effectively understand their food service needs. A Facebook page is being started to help this outreach reach further into the realm of social media. The Food Service Committee meets once monthly. For more information regarding the committee, contact Sally Jackson in the new Dean of Students Office in Building 17, or Chris Wilke in the dining hall.

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