On Monday, April 1, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s very own Ice Eagles hockey team hosted a scrimmage followed by an open skate to close out the end of the season. The evening’s events were hosted at Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, to which transportation was provided.

The intrateam scrimmage had team members pitted against each other in a game of the “Gold” vs. the “Black.” All in good fun, both sides scored a number of shots and ended their time on the ice with an old-fashioned shoot-out. The end result of the game seemed inconclusive to audience members as the scoreboard did not even display “Gold” vs. “Black” until well into the game. Only upon asking Ice Eagle Luc Collier, number 19, was the score verified to have been 7-3 with the win going to the Gold team.

A flood of students began showing up shortly after the game to enjoy a night of open skating and free pizza. Skating around the ice was a combination of students, faculty, friends, and children of all ages, even Ernie the Eagle made an appearance and posed for photographs. The event hosted a variety of talents from those gripping the arena walls to avoid falling to those that probably could skate better than they could walk.

Everyone was in good spirits as they chatted happily and laughed at themselves when, as it is always inevitable that it will happen to someone, they fall on the ice. The pizza provided suited a variety of tastes from the classic pepperoni to the much loved pizza-supreme; all of which was enjoyed periodically during the night as skaters took breaks to rest tired legs and refuel their energy.

As the event wound down and pizza boxes emptied, the general consensus was that the night was a great success. Ice skaters today may still possess tired legs or nurse bruises from that night, but even those people would agree that the fun was a much needed relief from the current and relentless pressure from classes that will only increase as we approach the end of the semester.

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