Rough Start for Men’s Volleyball Club

By: Paulo Chan, Correspondent


Spring is here and so is a new season for the Eagle Volleyball Club. The Eagles started off quite poorly in the Prescott City League, a far cry from coming in first last season.

The first match they played against Fann Contracting went poorly. They lost the match by only picking up one win of the three games. It is understandable, though, as most of the players in the team hadn’t played for well over three months.

The second match against Speasy went even worse. After an amazing start and a healthy lead, Nate DePutter, a key outside player injured his ankle after a great block. The Eagles, now one man down, struggled the rest of the game. After losing the first game, the second game seemed to show some hope until Speasy took advantage of the Eagle’s missing player. Speasy went on to sweep the match.

The third match against POI Pounders finally turned the losing streak around. With surplus players, the Eagles handily won the first game with amazing blocks by the middle blocker Ryan Mancuso, as well as outside hitter Miguel Diaz.

Having fresh players every few rotations kept the Eagles on top of the entire game as they kept on putting the pressure on the other team. Flush from the victory from the first game, the Eagles went on to the second game in a seemingly cocky state. Errors were made all around by the Eagles as serves didn’t go over, hits went way out, and passes and sets didn’t hit their marks. This cost the Eagles the second game.

The third game, the Eagles regrouped and recomposed. Pulling ahead, they kept a healthy lead thanks mainly in part to good passing by the back row players and amazing sets by setter Cameron Forsberg. The Eagles won their third game and the match with great plays all around.

They are starting to come back even though the season didn’t start well for the Eagles. They still have a healthy chance for coming in first for this season. It just started and the Eagles have the opportunity to get ahead.

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