Going into the second week of playoffs was rough for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Ice Eagles, especially when they had to watch the first and second place teams play for first place from the stands. One loss would knock a team out of first place contending with a four team division, but the Eagles were not done yet. The Eagles took to the ice ready to not finish last place against the Frogmen, their old adversary, and they wanted to prove it to their fans.

The puck dropped to the ice and the game was on. The Eagles began the game aggressively only to have a goal scored by the Frogmen with one player in the box bringing the score to 0-1. Only seconds later did the Eagles tie the game up with a goal by Paul Salveson. The Frogmen scored a second goal and then a third before the Eagles could respond. Before the buzzer rang for the end of the first period, Salveson put another goal in leaving the first period at 2-3 Frogmen with shots on goal at 9-8 Eagles.

The second period did not start well for the Eagles. The scoring began to go back and forth as the Eagles and Frogmen began to turn up the heat. With goals by Salveson and Bill Thompson, it brought the score up to 4-5, but the Frogmen continued to one up the Eagles until it came to an end.

With 4:05 left in the second period, Robert Rippe scored to make the score 5-5. By tying the score, the Eagles received a boost of hope as they were still in the fight. The Eagles turned up the heat on the Frogmen with two more goals by Salveson and Rippe, respectively. The second period ended with a power play goal by the Eagles leaving the score at 7-5 with 28-15 shots on goal.

Coming off a commanding offense, the Ice Eagles hit the ice after their one minute break to seal the win. The defenses on both sides kept the scoring quiet until 6:26 left in the period. This was ended by Ice Eagles player Dan DuBois scoring a goal making it 8-5. The Frogmen made one last goal on a power play, but that was the end of their streak.

The Ice Eagles scored two more goals, both by Rippe, to end the game 10-6 Eagles. The shots on goal were outstanding for the Ice Eagles as it ended 39-24 showing the commanding lead. Even though the Eagles won, the Eagles had ten penalties to the Frogmen’s four..

The Ice Eagles ended their season with third place in the division. It is respectable to achieve their position as they played the same teams. This is a group of men who have skated, fought, and done what very few in Arizona enjoy, play hockey competitively. Just like their Facebook page’s motto, “Pride required, teeth optional.”

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