4 out of 5 Stars


Ask anyone, and they will immediately recognize the AK-47. It is one of the single most identifiable weapons in the world today. The Romanian Draco-C, imported by Century Arms, is a pistol variant of that rifle, designed as a pistol, but still fires the standard 7.62 x39mm and accepts all AK double stack and drum magazines. The weapon I fired was a completely different monster.

The weapon I fired is considered a SBR or Short Barreled Rifle, and is regulated by the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). In order to convert the AK pistol Draco-C to a SBR, you must first apply for a $200 tax stamp and wait for a background check. Once that background is completed, you can begin to modify the weapon. At least 10 parts must be American made, under the 992r requirement of the BATFE for any imported rifle to be legal to own. In this case, the trigger pack, pistol grip, foregrip, quad rail, and muzzle break were switched. Additionally, a rear stock and folding trunnion were added, making the pistol into a rifle. The last part of this process is adding your name and city/state to the receiver of the rifle, because by modifying it you are essentially manufacturing a new rifle. The owner chose this route over simply adding a foregrip because of the BATFE rules regarding All Other Weapons (AOW) which is what a pistol with a foregrip becomes. The AOW clause also requires a tax stamp, but is very restrictive on what can be done. With the SBR conversion, many modifications may be done to the rifle with no complaint from the BATFE.

At a total length of only 28 inches with the stock extended (only 19 inches folded), the resultant rifle is incredibly small. When we took it out to shoot, I was surprised by its small size. It did not affect the ability to shoot the weapon. It had factory AK sights on it, but was very accurate considering the 11.5 inch barrel (without the muzzle break). I was able to effectively engage targets 6 inch in diameter at over 75 yards with the basic optics. The recoil was what I’ve come to expect from any AK, although the muzzle climb was significantly increased, necessitating the foregrip. The Draco was heavier than what I expected when I first picked it up, but once I started firing, I appreciated the weight, which helped keep the barrel down and kept the weapon on target.

Overall, I loved this weapon. It’s a compact firearm with a lot of firepower easily at its disposal. On the other hand however, the costs associated with making the pistol into an SBR are impressive, and the background check is time consuming. As a result I’m giving the Draco-C AK SBR a 4 out of 5.

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