Art was in the air on April 3 as students from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s very own Creative Writing class, HU 355, stormed the stage of the Peregrine Book Store in Downtown Prescott for a rambunctious reading of their best work of the semester. The event was surprisingly successful.

The HU 355 students selected one of their favorite pieces of creative writing to read aloud to the Prescott community. The readings ranged from short, yet deep, Haiku, to well crafted and twisty short stories. All of the participating students presented wonderful examples of the “creative underground” that exists on the Prescott campus.

The small, yet surprisingly packed, venue featured Embry-Riddle students, staff, and faculty along with members of the general Prescott community. While the turnout wasn’t especially large, it seemed to be the perfect sized audience for the occasion. Everyone had a wonderful time listening to the tremendous talent of the class. The clapping was relentless. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will never again be associated with the bland and uncreative in the minds of those in attendance.

At the close of the reading, the Peregrine Book Store staff invited the Embry-Riddle students to return, for both another headlining reading and for their future open-mic nights. The readers were honored to have been invited.

Overall, Embry-Riddle’s Creative Writing class did the university and community proud with a daring display of stereotype defying artistry.

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