Google Glass is the piece of technology that many of us were likely waiting for. It’s supposed to be integrated into our daily lives, making the world easier and more accessible. Is the world ready for this? Many innovators introduce new and revolutionary technologies, many of which are rejected or neglected by society until a company like Apple comes along and makes it popular. Google Glass is one such new technology, something that many have dreamed of but only now is emerging into our reality. How will it perform in the coming future?

Technologies such as Apple’s iPad were not the first of their kind, rather they are a newer better version of something too advanced for it’s time. The Newton, the iPad’s predecessor that was introduced in 1993, did not find the publicity and fame that the iPad had gained. Microsoft’s Tablet PC from 2002 didn’t gain as much popularity either, until this decade. WebTV, the 1997 version of a smart TV connected to the internet didn’t gain any popularity until the late 2000s.

The thing about Google Glass is that it is made by Google. Google is much more well known and supported than any other entity out there that I know of. Google has gotten millions of people excited and doubtful of its new endeavour. Many have attempted a wearable computer with few hobbyists making their own. The only problem is, do you see anyone walking around with any type of wearable computer? The technology, though possible, is not popular. On the other hand, Google is going about this in a new and different way. With their immense resources and support, Google is going for a different approach. This approach, a head-mounted display on a familiar platform, is supposed to be easy to integrate into ones daily lives. Using familiar technology (video, photography, voice control) on a familiar platform (glasses), Google has set out for success. Now, the only thing they need to prove is that their head-mounted display works.

Though many technologies before it have failed and despite the doubters, Google Glass seems like a legitimate technology that will see success and integration into society in the near future.

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