As a child, I was taught the key to a good life was perseverance and priorities. It’s to know what is most important in life and to pursue it wholeheartedly. This is the true “American Dream,” the freedom to pursue that in life that matters most in life. Yet, it baffles me that this is no longer the standard by which this fine country is ruled.

The men and women that make up our federal government have never gotten along well even since before we were our own country. We the people hold many different opinions but we have always been able to come to a compromise on what is best for the country. Mistakes have been made and feathers ruffled but we have always gotten done what needed to be done. Why now do we change this trend?

The fact of the matter is our representatives still haven’t passed a budget. It has been a long time since we have had a budget, so long in fact that as of recently, many military personnel have experienced a large paycheck cut in the form of large cuts in work hours. I see military families close to me struggle with this change; I see many of the other military families face the same cut. Since when was it ok to drastically cut the pay of those that risk their lives for our freedom? Since when are political squabbles more important than the price of our freedom? Since when do we as Americans quit giving the support our troops deserve because of petty arguments?

Yet the part that surprises me the most is the reaction of all these brave men and women. The cuts don’t even affect me and I am pissed. How is it that all the military families I have seen, even those close to me, barely seem to be phased by it? Sure, they have had to tighten their belts and move on with their lives but they still serve and still risk their lives for this country. I don’t fully understand this kind of dedication, but I want to say I am inspired by it.

It would seem that the true heart of America still lies in its people. Despite the failure of our leaders those in service continue to carry the country as they always have and I want to thank all the servicemen and women. I think it is time our leaders look to those that work under them and remember what it means to be an American.

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