The playoffs were split into an A and B league, both with separate brackets. B league had eight teams and was single elimination, while A league only had four teams and was double elimination. The B league games were just as intense as the A league games, as the teams were playing for their one chance to win the championship.

In the A league playoffs, the first game between The Internationals and Sigma Chi ended in a win for Sigma Chi, allowing them the chance to avoid the loser’s bracket for the first round. A member of The Internationals, Pedro Rodrigues said, “It was ok with us that we lost the first game, because then we could play an extra game in the playoffs.” The Legidiots achieved wins against Marky Marc and the Funky Bunch in the second game of the first round, moving on to the second round of playoffs with Sigma Chi. The Legidiots then beat Sigma Chi in a real nail-biter of a game, moving on to the third round of playoffs, and sending Sigma Chi into the loser’s bracket.

The loser’s bracket was dominated by the first team out of the original bracket, The Internationals. They had a close win against Marky Marc and the Funky Bunch, which gave them the confidence they needed to continue their wins. The Internationals went on to defeat Sigma Chi, which placed them in the last scheduled game against Legidiots. They went on to defeat Legidiots, but since this was Legidiots first loss and B bracket was double elimination, another game had to be played. The championship game was repeated, The Internationals against Legidiots with the win going to The Internationals.

B league playoffs were played at the same time, but with the possibility of losing it all in the first game. Being seeded number one, French Toast Mafia got a bye for the first round. The well-deserved champion of this league, Wilsons, took the league by surprise when they came up with two upset wins against Team Navneet for the finals and French Toast Mafia for the championship.

Chris Rotty, the director of Intramurals proclaimed that, “everything went smooth, no real issues came up.” Last semester there were a few disagreements, however this semester went very well. There was nothing more than some mean words mumbled to fellow teammates during any of the games. As Rotty said earlier in the season and at the captain’s meeting, “this is exactly what he was looking for. Overall, this was a successful season and everyone looks forward to future intramural seasons.”

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