The hockey playoffs have started. The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Ice Eagles took the ice against an old foe, the Knights, on March 18. With only four teams in the division it was inevitable for the two teams to face off one more time for the championship. This game was to determine who goes to the championship. The Eagles have done well against the Knights and this looked to be a great game in the making.

            The puck dropped onto the ice and the teams were off. The Knights actually took an early lead against the Eagles with a breakaway goal in the early minutes of the first period. The Eagles saw this and placed the line in the sand, or the ice for that matter.

At 10:34 in the period the Eagles scored their first goal tying the game at 1-1. To further up the ante against the Knights, the Eagles scored a second goal three minutes later placing a 2-1 lead. The lead was held for the rest of the period. The shots on goal were low early in the game as the Eagles had nine to the Knights five.

After the one minute rest intermission the teams were back on the ice and the defenses did a great job throughout the entire period. There were no goals scored in the second period, but a lot of good skating on both sides. Even though no goals were scored, the Eagles began to turn up the heat as the shots on goal doubled to 23 as the Knights stayed at 10.

The third period started with good feelings as the Eagles held a 2-1 lead over the Knights. The defense was holding their own as the offense continued to pound the puck home, but the game suddenly was tied. At 13:29, the Knights tied the game up and now it was a race to the finish when the unthinkable happened.

With 2:22 left in the third period, a Knight was able to breakaway with an Eagle right behind. The Eagle knocked the Knight to the ice which apparently brings in a penalty shot. A penalty shot is rare now in hockey because it can turn the tide of victory to defeat in the blink of an eye. This could not have come at a worse time as the Knight scored with little time on clock.

In a desperate attempt to obtain the victory the Eagles pulled the goalie and gave it everything they had. With the six to five advantage the Eagles kept the puck in enemy territory for the remainder of the game, but the Knights held them off and won the day 3-2.

It was a tough loss as the penalty shot changed the game. A simple mistake in defending the goal cost the game. The season is not over yet with one game still to play on March 25, the Eagles still have a chance. The last game of the season will be one of great intensity and passion as this is their last chance to head to the championship.

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