The Udvar-Hazy Library was proud to present this year’s Scholarly Speakers event in celebration of their progress toward becoming a Learning Center. Each year, the Library hosts faculty speakers that encourage and inspire students to get involved in research projects.

This year’s speakers were Dr. Michele Zanolin, Dr. Gary Northam, and Dr. Douglas Isenberg who spoke about their personal interest and experience in the field of research.

Dr. Zanolin presented on the research that he has done through LIGO and VIRGO to detect ripples in the space time continuum. “Research for me is a way to make myself a better person.” The key to conducting research is planning and interaction with the community.

The Dean of the College of Aviation Dr. Northam confessed that there is not much research done on the pilots’ side of aviation, but that should be changed, “teaching our pilots research expands their minds, so that they may create new and better methods to fly.” Research starts with a dream and you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy its benefits.

Contributing largely to the field of Dynamics and Controls, Dr. Isenberg keeps many research projects ranging from personal interests to projects with high levels of student involvement. Research is a good way for students to learn and study their interests. Conferences are one of the best ways to continue and start new research projects. They allow you to meet with and see what everyone else’s research.

It is truly incredible the amount of research being done at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University but what is in all of this for the students? The library was proud to announce its progress and move toward becoming a Learning Center. A Learning Center is much more than just a Library. It is a place specifically designed around helping students to learn and conduct research of their own with the help of faculty. A place designed to fit the needs of all the students and faculty where research is encouraged.

The library has recently added a Mac lab, and is working toward a digital format. This is designed to assist research and free up space for further improvements. Library Director Sarah Thomas is proud of what the library does for the school and will continue to bring in new ideas and methods to further improve the facility. “Just because we are a small school, doesn’t mean that we can’t do great things.”

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