Lately, people have been posting things on Facebook under the title of “No Hope for Humanity.” This bothers me. Things look rough across the globe – recessions, rampant unemployment, immense distrust in the government. Even so, it’s important to always have something to hope for. Problems are always going to exist, both personally and globally, but giving up won’t solve any of them.

Most of the time the items posted on “No Hope for Humanity” are about stupid things that people commonly do, which is understandable. Still, how can people say that there is no hope? The human race has been through a lot since the beginning of recorded history. There have been global wars that looked to be the end of civilization as we have known it, but they ended with good prevailing over evil. There have been diseases that look to topple everything that is known, but hope always prevails over the darkness.

Everyone goes through phases like this. Things happen. There is always darkness in the world. Sometimes the balance between the light and dark is off to one side or another, but giving up is never the answer. Focusing on family and friends allows us to get through the rough times.

Experience makes us stronger. You don’t learn anything if life always goes your way. Picking yourself up and working through hard times makes you stronger and hope can be the spark that gets you through it even when you think nothing can. As a good friend of mine reminded me, “The good is always around us; we just have to remember to look for it.” Hope comes in many different forms, even ones we might not recognize right away. That doesn’t mean it’s not there.

People need to reach for what inspires hope in each of them. Remember that things like money and power do not solve every problem, but those that are around us give hope to push on. Honor, integrity, and virtue give us hope. Pages like “No Hope for Humanity” can make it seem like there is nothing left to hope for, but that’s not true. When darkness falls around you and it feels like the end, find that spark, that little speck of light, and fight for it. Never give up hope in the face of darkness. There is hope, not just for individuals but for humanity as a whole to learn and grow into a future of which we can all be proud.

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