Spring fever is easy to recognize at ERAU. As soon as the temperature reaches the mid 60’s, spring fever hits the campus and spreads like wildfire! It is typically characterized by the following symptoms:


■      Feelings of restlessness

■      Procrastination

■      Lethargy

■      Lack of focus, motivation, and drive

■      Loose sense of time

■      Increased outdoor activity

■      Emptier classrooms

■      Drop in grades

Spring fever may not be so bad if you are a senior and on your way out the door anyway, but if you are still an underclassman, “the fever” can severely bite you and your GPA in the butt! Don’t fall victim to this end of the year trap. Just because your friends decide to ditch class doesn’t mean that you should join them! Plenty of students have lost scholarships, graduate school admissions, job offers, and even internship offers because of a bad case of the fever.

It is indeed the end of the year, but far from over. Spring fever is contagious, but can be prevented. Here are five strategies to help prevent “the fever” and to help you keep your grades on track and maximize your college fun!

1. Create a game plan

Take a moment to map out your class requirements and deadlines for the rest of the semester. Create a realistic timeline and add in your social commitments. Be willing to modify your timeline each day to be sure you are on track. Don’t beat yourself up when you fall off course – just recalculate and begin again.

2. Strike a deal

Negotiate with yourself. Finish one academic task and reward yourself with a social activity. Consider tackling the most dreaded task or hurdle first, and enjoy spring even more as you check one more academic “to do” off your list.

3. Add an extra hour

Beautiful warm weather can make you want to skip the books and play. Try getting up an hour earlier before temptation strikes. Hit the library or your computer for a quick 60-minute workout that’ll put you ahead of the game.

4. Take it outside

Remember those glossy college brochure photos of students happily studying on campus? That could be you! Find a beautiful tree and practice posing while you rehearse your upcoming speech or prep for that dreaded final. You’ll get a leg up on those academic accomplishments, while indulging in a little Spring Fever.

5. Everything in moderation

Some clichés are just plain true. Everything in moderation. Find a little balance, use a little strategy, and you’re likely to find happiness and success as you finish up this semester.

Note:  The counseling office is located in Haas Commons, Building 73. Making an appointment to see the counselor on campus is easy! Just call the Wellness Center at 928.777.6653 and indicate that you would like to set an appointment with a counselor. Counseling Services is committed to helping you make the most out of your college career!

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