Do you need some help with your Aeronautical Science Major? Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) can help all pilots learn how to pass each check ride, get you to know some pilots in the industry, and learn some tricks for getting hired. ALPA is a national organization of which each pilot can be a part.

ALPA is a new club on campus founded by Scott Singleton, a sophomore, to help all pilots with questions they may have. The club only meets once a month, but every meeting Singleton brings in a new speaker to help teach the members about a different topic. The topics will vary from how to pass a check ride, to how to improve interviewing skills.

The club currently has around 100 members, while around 30 or so show up to each meeting to listen to the speaker. The meetings don’t have a consistent time or date since each meeting is worked around as many people’s schedules as possible. The most recent meeting was on March 6, which discussed ALPA’s role in aviation safety. The meeting in April will have students walk through a mock interview with members from Express Jet. After the mock interviews, the members of Express Jet will give tips and answer questions on rights and wrongs of the interview.

The club does not have any major events apart from the monthly meetings this semester. During the 2013-2014 school year, Singleton is looking to get a tour with an airlines company, and possibly have a presentation from some of the pilots that work at the company

ALPA is always willing to accept new members. If you are interested in what ALPA does, or have questions contact Singleton at [].

If you would like to see your club in the club spotlight, then please contact Bryan Rhodes at [].

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