The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott campus will be saying goodbye to Bill Thompson in July, after an 18 year career at ERAU Prescott. After being named Interim Director of Alumni Relations in late February, the university decided to permanently promote Thompson to the position in March. In order to take the position however, he has been asked to move to the Daytona Beach campus.

Thompson graduated from the Prescott campus in 1987 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Business Administration. Since he returned to ERAU, he has served in many roles on campus and worked in Admissions and Alumni Relations. He has also been involved with several student organizations, like the Ice Eagles Hockey Team and the Women’s Ambassador Program. “The students in Daytona and the students in Prescott are very similar”, commented Thompson, “and so I’m not losing the students I love to work with.” Thompson also said that “I feel that the 18 years I have been here in so many different positions have groomed me for this position. And I could not let it go without saying ‘this is a great opportunity.’”

Thompson will be joined in Daytona Beach by his wife Dr. Sally Blomstrom, who is a faculty member at the Prescott Campus in the Department of Humanities and Communication. They plan to leave in July, after Dr. Blomstrom’s summer classes have ended. When asked what they would miss about the Prescott campus, Thompson said that “there is a lot I am going to miss about the Prescott Campus,” including being able to ride his mountain bike to work, playing for the Ice Eagles, participating in Catholic Campus Ministry, and the natural beauty of the Prescott area.

Dr. Blomstrom answered without hesitation that she would miss “The people. I really love our students, and I love who I work with, the people are awesome, and I think the people make the place.” This is a sentiment echoed by Thompson, who noted that he would miss his “friends and family here. [He] says friends and family because Embry-Riddle family is a part of [our lives].”

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