Everyday college students browse Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, typically to get their mind off their rigorous schedule. The problem is that these social networks are supposed to ease your mind, to have a little laugh in the middle of your day, but that is becoming more sporadic. What I have found recently, is that I would rather do 50 calculus problems than read or look at what my “friends” are posting on social networks.

Facebook has become a place where people are reposting things from Reddit or from another friend, and posting statuses that waste seconds of peoples’ day. I am not saying Reddit or your friends are not funny; I am saying leave it to those sites or to your friend to be funny and leave it to them to get the credit. But if you do have the dire need to post from these sites or your friend, so you can be cool and get 100 likes, at least give them credit. Along with posting, do not waste your friends’ time with posting nonsense that no one but you care about. An example would be, “Ahhh, the weather is perfect I am going to go on a run (:” Sorry to inform you, but no one really cares if you think the weather is perfect or if you are going on a run. Or another example is the very vague, crying for attention statuses: “Today sucked”.  Naturally, you are going to have that friend or family member to ask you what happened that made your day unpleasant. But the typical response from the poster will say something along the lines of “Oh nothing” or “I do not want to talk about it”. If you do not wish to talk about something on a social network site, do not post it on a social network.

Twitter seems to have become a mini blog, a place to complain about things and be a little more open with your personal life. Though you waste less of others time in 140 characters, you can be more annoying and more irritating than you are on Facebook. It is acceptable on Twitter to post your complaints and thoughts. Twitter users love to see other users complain about the same thing or comment about how much they love a movie, but when a tweeter starts to put too too much of their personal life out there, it becomes annoying. As a fellow Tweeter, I hate seeing, “I hope I see my baby today”, “I just hope he knows that I love him”, or my favorite, -insert actions that should only be known inside the relationship tweet- . There are two things that make these tweets annoying. The first is that “baby” has a name. We understand that you have a significant other and understand that is what you call them in them in your time together, but on a social network, your significant other has a real name. And second, no one wants to see that you are having problems in the relationship or know about every single thing you all do together. Problems and activities belong between you and him/her. It is disrespectful to your significant other to allow the world into your relationship.

“Selfies” need to go. @MensHumor tweeted something very relevant: “Take a look at your Instagram. If the last 5 pics are of your face, everyone hates you.” Your followers are typically your friends, which you have met face to face, so they obviously know what your face looks like. Since your followers know what you look like, there is no need to post a picture of your face daily or even weekly. When people get on Instagram they are looking to see what you are doing, what your view is, not what your face looks like today because surely it looks the same as yesterday. It is understandable that you get bored while studying, but how about you post a picture of your study material or your current view and not of your face? There are a couple of exceptions though. Exceptions include: special events, seeing a friend you have not seen in a long time, haircuts, or if you have not posted a picture of yourself in a year.  If you are not in these exceptions, please just do not post your face, be a little more creative.

Now all these are annoying things to encounter during your breaks from your schoolwork so take action, or should I say, take no action. Do not like these annoying posts, do not comment on their annoying tweets, and do not like their face. By doing this, hopefully the poster will get the hint that no one likes what they’re posting and  to stop posting annoying things. If you are guilty of these annoying things, please stop.

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