Bernadine Douglas, who was the former Associate Vice President of Development and worked from the Daytona campus, was promoted earlier this year to Vice President for External Relations. This left a vacancy in the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University chain-of-command, and Prescott Campus’ Steve Bobinsky was promoted to Executive Director of Development in order to fill her role. This is the first permanent departmental head that has been at the Prescott campus with employees reporting to them from Daytona.

Mr. Bobinsky has been an employee of ERAU for nine years, during which time he has been heavily involved with helping to build ERAU’s professional friendships with companies and individuals. “I enjoy doing what I have been doing these nine years,” said Bobinsky, and that “now I can be involved and participate in even more events.” Bobinsky has been working in this field for 15 years, and before ERAU he worked in the Institutional Advancement Office of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, where he worked with a small staff to coordinate the kind of relationships that bring new friends and donors to a university.

Mrs. Bobinsky is a teacher at Bradshaw Mountain High School, and the Bobinskys have three daughters, two of whom are still in high school, and one who has moved on to college. Bobinsky now has a staff of four employees at the Daytona Beach office, and two in Prescott. This is the first time that a staff member at the Prescott campus has had staff at Daytona reporting directly to them, and so the situation is somewhat new. The effectiveness of leadership from Prescott will be evaluated year by year, but this is an opportunity to use the travel between campuses to attract new donors and friends to the university. Bobinsky currently plans to try and use hub cities as potential meeting places, where he and his staff can meet for a few hours on their way to other meetings during their travels. About the challenge of handling a staff in both campuses, Bobinsky commented, “I am excited about it, we have a great staff on both campuses.”

Dr. Ayers, the Prescott Campus Chancellor, commented that “Steve’s promotion recognizes three things, his excellence as a leader in our university development efforts, the recognition by all of the excellence of the faculty, staff, and students at the Prescott Campus, and finally an affirmation that the Western US is a vital market for our university. I congratulate Steve on his promotion and look for great things from him in the future.” This sentiment is echoed by many who believe that this promotion may be a step toward a larger dynamic where the University will no longer be dictated from the Daytona campus; but that the staff and faculty of the Prescott campus will have a greater say in future policy decisions.

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