Movie: Identity Thief

Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

Director: Seth Gordon

Starring: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy

Runtime: 112 minutes

R sexual content and language.


Identity Thief is not worth $6.50 and 112 minutes of a day. The whole movie was filled with bad humor and cringing moments. It was disappointing to see two very comedic actors, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, in such poorly humorous roles.

The movie starts out when Sandy Patterson (Bateman) unknowingly gives his personal information, such as his address and social security number, to Diana (McCarthy) over the phone. The running joke of the movie was that “Sandy” is a girl name, which got old after the second time mentioned. Diana takes advantage of Sandy’s unisex name and makes a fake ID along with copying all his credit cards. After a few weeks, Diana finally maxes out his credit cards and Sandy is informed. Sandy hunts down Diana for fear of losing his job.

Sounds pretty dumb, huh? The movie did not go where one would think it would go. There was particularly one bad scene of terrible sexual humor and an uncomfortably long sex scene, which was where I finally gave up on the movie.

The ending was not where one would expect it to be, nor was it good. It was heartfelt, but the build up was poor.

Overall the humor and story line was poorly drawn out. There could have been a good movie produced here. Taking out the bad, unnecessary sexual humor, and emphasizing the more serious tones could have produced a more decent movie.

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