Every spring, Embry-Riddle hosts a night where all students can take their chances to win big. Casino Night is always a big hit among students and this year was no exception. Whether your game is roulette or craps, blackjack or poker there is something for everyone to try their luck against the house.

There is always a huge turnout, which adds to the evening’s excitement. Whether you gamble with friends or play on your own, you are bound to meet many new people and make new friends. BCA even brought in professional dealers for the craps and roulette tables who enjoy helping students learn to play the different games and have a good time. If none of the traditional casino game are quite to your taste, there are always other things that you can do, such as the arcade-style games and other carnival-oriented games.

At Casino Night you see it all; some people get lucky like Dallas Hodge who won tens of thousands of dollars and others like Alex Grant who lost tens of thousands. Despite whether you win or lose, it is all fun, and the best part is (if you lose), the money is fake.

If you happen to be one of the unluckiest gamblers, there is the chance to get back some money by running around to find certain people or take a break and eat some food, served by the girls from Alpha Sigma Tau. There is always a way to have fun at Casino Night.

At the end of the night students cashed in their hard earned cash for raffle tickets that could be placed in drawings for many different prizes including wide-screen TVs, iPads, cameras, movie packs, and the widely sought after semester of free housing. $500 of eagle money bought one ticket that could be used to enter any of these raffles. David McLellan was the lucky winner of the semester of free housing, along with Lashin Akimkilov and Richard Russell who won the 32” TVs; Richard Vorgas and Bryan Winterling both won iPads.

Last year, Student RA Brian Ingalls hosted a Spring Fling dance after Casino Night in what is now becoming a tradition. Being one of the only dance parties hosted by Embry-Riddle, last year the Spring Fling drew quite a few students. Still offering free food and for students over the age of 21 free beer, the party was very similar to that of last year’s Spring Fling without performers at the beginning. Despite the large crowd at this year’s Spring Fling, the dance floor was sparsely used and only drew small groups of students.

The party had a rough start when the music tripped the circuit breaker 3 times and the music was stopped at 5-10 minute intervals. Fortunately for all of those at the party, it recovered in the last 2 hours of the party. As the free beer ran out, the dance floor drew the students over for the opportunity to show off their dance moves. A few of the dancers were even able to breakdance performing flips and one-handed handstands.

Casino Night and the Spring Fling produced what was definitely a night to remember. If you didn’t get the chance to go this semester, there is always next year to test your luck at the tables!

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