On Feb. 25, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Ice Eagles were ready to take on the Frogmen. When the puck was dropped the Ice Eagles quickly joined in the fray. The Ice Eagles started with the puck and within the first few minutes had made several shots on the goal, but unfortunately did not make any in. The two teams then proceeded to rally back and forth. Shots were made on the Ice Eagles but goalie, number 20, John Brightbill fiercely protected the goal. The Ice Eagles also showed a great defense as they helped to block any shots taken on the goal. Although the Ice Eagles had many close shots on the Frogmen’s goal, the buzzer ended the brief battle of the first period, 0-0.

In the second period, the fight to dominate the puck continued. With 11 minutes left in the second period the Frogmen scored, 1-0. This did not deter the Ice Eagles though, it only made them play harder to retrieve the puck. Just a minute later, number 91, Robert Rippe scored with an assist from, number 3, Chris Georgell. This tied the score. After 2 more minutes later, the Ice Eagles gained control of the puck and another impressive shot by Rippe was scored with an assist from, number 4, Devon Dundore, which gained the Eagles another point. The score now 2-1. The rest of the period was spent rallying back and forth for the puck. The second period ended with the Ice Eagles in the lead 2-1.

At the start of the third period, only a minute in, number 10, Paul Salveson scored with an assist by Rippe. Ahead of the Frogmen, the Ice Eagles had a fast recovery and a short minute later, number 86, Mitch McKenzie scored with an assist from, number 7, Brett young. This lead did not stop the Ice Eagles from continuing to pursue the puck and work hard though. With the score 4-1 Ice Eagles, the teams rallied with the Frogmen fighting for control. The battle continued but the Ice Eagles would not allow the Frogmen to take over and with 9 minutes left, number 9, Zach Bissonnette scored, creating an even larger lead with a score of 5-1. With the remaining time in the last period, the Ice Eagles fended off the Frogmen’s attack and then took hold of the puck. The last minute of the game was ticking off the clock with the puck in the hands of the Ice Eagles, Rippe, with an assist from, number 11, Dan Dubois, scored the last goal of the game as the buzzer sounded. This left the ending score 6-1 Ice Eagles.

Although the Embry-Riddle Ice Eagles took some times to get started in the first period, they played an excellent defense by keeping shots away from the goal. As the second period heated up, they moved on to play well together in offense to keep the score high. Overall, the game was exciting and very well played.

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