Golf Teams in Final Stretch

By Brandon Leadbetter, Correspondent

Coming off a great tournament at California State University San Marcos Cougar Invitational, the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Eagles are starting to make a name for themselves. “The ladies took 7th,” Coach Kim Haddow said proudly, “This was a tournament against five nationally ranked teams. We did great.” The men and women’s golf teams on Embry-Riddle are continually pushing their limits and making this school proud. The program continues to improve on all fronts with only two years under their belts.

Many thought that their season ended with most of the fall sports like soccer and volleyball, but that was only half of their season. “Many think that,” Haddow said with a laugh, “We only stop because of the holidays and the weather.” The teams are actually heading into their final stretches of the season as the hardest tournaments loom on the horizon just weeks away.

At the Cougar Invitational, the women continued to do their best. Placing goals upon themselves rather than focusing on winning, the team started to hit their mark and achieve what they came to do. The men, who competed the weekend before in the same tournament, did extremely well against teams that were also nationally ranked. The women finished 7th of 8 and the men finished 11th of 17. These are great for teams that are only beginning to show their potential. They continually play against teams that are tough to build strength and character rather than just to win.

The golf team has three regular season tournaments to go. One of which will be at home at the Antelope Hills golf course over Spring Break. This will be a great time for those still on campus to see and understand what these great players go through for the sport they love. As the teams close to the end of the semester, the team will head to the California Pacific Conference (CALPAC) tournament that will feature all eight schools of the conference which will be held in April before finals.

With players making hole-in-ones or the men’s freshman being ranked among the nation’s best, the golf team is off to end their season on a great note. Embry-Riddle has already taken the championship with the men and women’s soccer teams and a second place finish by the volleyball team in the first year of being the CALPAC conference, but this year the golf teams have great potential to make nationals.

“I think we can make nationals,” Haddow said about her players, “They are some of the most hardworking kids on the course and I see that every day.” If the team wins the CALPAC conference, they will be invited to national tournament in May, representing Embry-Riddle in the nation’s spotlight. The team has the potential to make it as the tournaments ahead of them will test their limits.

Between the long days of practice, midterms, and going through the daily routines, both teams are proving they are among the best. They work from sunup to sundown with no thought of a break. These players know what is at stake and live for the game every day.

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