Ahh… Spring Break! For most college students, Spring Break serves as a welcome relief to the rigors of academic life. You can relax, strengthen friendships, and have fun!!!

While some students choose to go home, others prefer to head for the beaches of Mexico or the United States. If you are planning to go to these or other destinations, play it safe. All too often, students get themselves hurt or killed in an attempt to live out the “stereotype of the spring breaker” that parties hard and drinks abundantly.

Did you know…

The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism estimates that alcohol is responsible for killing 1,700 college students each year. In addition, alcohol also plays a significant role in the following:

500,000 unintentional injuries

70,000 sexual assaults

150,000 alcohol-related health problems such as alcohol poisoning and depression

So Play it Safe…

Here are just a few things to consider when planning your spring break.

Travel Safety Advisory

  • If you do choose to go out of the states plan to carry adequate documentation of US citizenship.
  • Know the laws – they WILL BE ENFORCED!
  • Travel with companions at all times.
  • Leave travel itinerary with family and friends in the US.
  • Maintain contact in the US for the entire period of your travels.

Alcohol Use & Abuse

  • If you are of legal age to drink alcohol and choose to drink, do so in a way that does not put you or someone else at risk.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Do not take any drinks from strangers and do not leave your drink unattended.  Drugs like Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and Rohypnol are tasteless, odorless, are slipped easily into drinks and almost are impossible to detect until it’s too late.

Personal Safety

  • Do not drive when tired and take rest stops frequently.
  • Prepare a list of emergency contacts like how to reach Mom and Dad, bank and credit card company numbers in case your things are stolen.
  • Bring a safety kit containing any prescription medications, aspirin, bandages, condoms, etc.
  • Do not bring strangers or even those people you just met in a club back to your room.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wear sunscreen – nothing can ruin your vacation like a sunburn!
  • Watch for careless drivers and always have a ‘co-pilot’ to help watch too!

Most importantly: BE RESPONSIBLE!


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