Alcohol & Sexual Assault 

Sexual violence and alcohol often go hand-in-hand. Alcohol and other drug use is a major risk factor for sexual assault on college campuses. 74 percent of perpetrators and 55 percent of victims of rape in a college setting had been drinking alcohol.*  This statistic is not intended to infer blame on victims who have been drinking or attended a party where alcohol is involved, but to identify the role that alcohol plays in sexual assault.

Suggested Safety Tips

○      Know the realities of sexual assault. Most sexual assaults are committed by non-strangers in familiar social situations.

○      Most acquaintance sexual assaults happen when one or both people are drunk or high.

○      Drink responsibly. Don’t leave your drink (alcoholic or otherwise) unattended.

○      If you see something suspicious, note pertinent details and call campus safety 928.777.3739 to report it, or use the emergency call boxes located across campus. Push the button to automatically alert campus safety where you are; they will respond immediately.

○      Use the “Buddy System” when attending parties.

○      Before you drive home, call your roommate, family member, or a friend so they will expect you, and be aware if you are late.

○      Lock all doors to your car and residence at all times.

○      Encourage group activities in early stages of a relationship.

○      You have the right to say no to sexual activity, whether or not you have previously had sexual contact with someone.

○      Trust your instincts. If you sense that something is wrong, get away from the situation. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you (or someone you know) are the victim of sexual assault, help is available! For information about getting help or reporting a sexual assault, call campus safety 24/7 928.777.3739, contact student life, the Dean of Students, the Wellness Center, or speak to a counselor.

*Abby, Antonia. (2002) Alcohol Related Sexual Assault: A Common Problem among college students. Journal of Studies on Alcohol. Supplement NO 14, 2002

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