For the past few years, Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems (ACSS) has been offering a $5,000 scholarship to an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Prescott Campus student who is selected  by an essay contest. This year’s winner was David Morse, an Electrical Engineering junior. The scholarship also includes the opportunity to pursue a summer internship with ACSS, which is a great opportunity for students who can many times have difficulty finding internships. Dr. John Post, one of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (EE/CE) professors at the Prescott Campus, commented that

“The ACCS Luncheon provided students the opportunity to learn about several cutting-edge aerospace technologies, including ADS-B and SafeRoute.  This was also a great opportunity for students to network and find out about internship and employment opportunities with a local leader in the avionics industry.”

During the luncheon, Mr. Reuben Yanez, who is Director of the Human Relations department of ACSS, gave a presentation about the company, which is a joint venture company owned by L-3 Communications and Thales. During his presentation, Yanez reviewed ACSS’s major product lines, including the T2CAS and T3CAS surveillance systems, and showed a video made by the FAA on how an ACSS avionics suite can help prevent a disastrous runway crash between commercial aircraft. Dr. Ron Madler, Dean of the College of Engineering (COE), noted that “we look forward to working with them in the future, maybe on some senior design projects,” and noted that ERAU students are uniquely equipped to work for ACSS because of the vast experience that the EE/CE professors have in designing avionics.

According to Dr. Milton Cone, Department Chair of the EE/CE program, the luncheon was “very successful, we had an excellent attendance from the students. I was very pleased to see the good student support we had.” The luncheon is truly a good opportunity for students, because of the opportunity to speak with Reuben Yanez, who is a valuable resource for internships and jobs, but also to make an impression with Ken Meyer, one of ACSS’s Vice Presidents who came to this year’s luncheon. Vicki Fox, the COE Career Services specialist, noted that “ACSS has a long and strong relationship with the Prescott campus. Embry-Riddle has about 25 ERAU alumni who work at ACSS in Phoenix. The alumni are in ACSS’s leadership and professional positions, representing Prescott, Daytona Beach, and Worldwide campuses. Over the years, ACSS has selected many interns and new grads from our four engineering degree programs. They hire new grad and experienced engineers, and recently posted a business position in EagleHire.”

The ACSS scholarship is open to juniors and seniors in the EE/CE program, and the luncheon was open to all EE/CE students. In the future, as the relationship with ACSS continues to develop, it is possible that other majors will also be included, due to the company’s diverse needs that ERAU can adapt to meet.

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