As the season continues, intramural soccer is going well. There have been many teams playing hard, and one team even dropped out. There have been some exciting games and some blowouts, all leading up to these fateful final weeks.

The many games played  in the past two weeks have caused teams to fall into their appropriate rankings.

One team in the league is undefeated: The Internationals, with most of the same people who won the intramural outdoor soccer tournament last semester. So far their games have been successful for the indoor scene as well.

The standings are somewhat evened out now and there are several teams that haven’t won a single game yet this spring.  The season is almost over and this chart doesn’t include forfeits, so actual records will change for next time.

The team “The Camels” was disqualified due to too many forfeits throughout the season. The rules state that if you have three forfeits in a row you may be kicked out of the league, and the rule was dusted off and used in this case. There were more forfeits in the first couple of weeks of games due to the lack of players on teams, but now the full teams seem to be showing up more frequently.

Not only is the season going without a hitch, it is packed with excitement. It seems as though the people who are playing are there to have fun more than to win. The main goal of intramural sports is to give students an athletic outlet to have fun, hang out with friends, make new ones and work out. This goal is seeming to be met thus far, as no huge fights nor intense arguments have broken out. Captain Jared Wong said, “I think this season there are a lot of really good teams. When those teams play each other, I don’t see them arguing a lot or fighting; they just play hard and acknowledge each other’s goals.”

The playoffs are panning out to look like they will split teams into two separate brackets. The “A” bracket will consist of four teams who will most likely play double elimination. The “B” bracket will consist of seven or eight teams (depending if The Camels’ spot can be filled in time) who will play single elimination.

All plans so far are tentative, so keep your eyes out for the official word and come out to support your favorite team!


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