Refrigerated piecrust

8 oz. plain Greek yogurt

10 oz. lemon curd


Preheat the oven following the pie crust directions. Cut pie crust into circles and place into mini muffin tins. I used normal sized muffin tins. Bake crust at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 11 to 13 minutes. When the pie crust comes out it should be a light golden brown color. Let the crust sit until it is cool. While the pie crust bakes, pour 8 oz. of plain Greek yogurt into a bowl and then add the 10 oz. of lemon curd. Stir the contents and mix together until smooth. I used vanilla yogurt and the flavor came out just fine. I suggest that if lemon isn’t someone’s cup of tea to put less lemon curd than the full 10 ounces. It wasn’t a sour taste, but it was still the dominant flavor in the dish. When the pie crust is cooled, scoop the lemon yogurt into the pie shells. For the finishing touch, place fresh fruit atop. I picked raspberries for my fruit and thought they would go nicely with the tart lemon flavor though blueberries for lemon would be delicious too. I also recommend letting this scrumptious dessert sit for a good half hour before eating.

I got this fun little recipe from a “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine. It immediately stood out to me, especially with Greek yogurt which is high in protein. This yummy little lemon pie made about fifteen for me to share. I ran out of pie crust (I bought two) before I ran out of lemon yogurt mix . This dish was full of flavor and a light dessert that hits the spot. However, there were a few downfalls. First was baking the pie crust. They don’t come out very ‘pretty’ when baked. While shopping I did see an alternative where you could buy very small tart shells that would just make smaller pies. The second con is they are a tad messy to eat. When we tried to eat them right away the yogurt spilled out, but after letting them sit for a half hour to an hour the contents seemed to settle better.

Overall this recipe wasn’t too tedious and didn’t take much more than 15 minutes to whip together. It’s a refreshing flavorful dessert that I would recommend to almost anyone. If lemon isn’t your flavor either then you could make these pies with raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, or any other fruit curds.

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

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