Excitement is in the air with 12 teams entering the league and all teams playing each Tuesday and Thursday. Many last minute victories pulled off from desperation or the perfect play take place multiple times on game nights.

One of the most exciting finishes happened on Jan. 24, when Z-League was playing against Challenged Rangers. At the end of the first half of the game, Challenged Rangers were up by about a dozen points. That is when Z-League picked up their game. In about five minutes, Z-League had brought that deficit down to only one basket. The game was swinging back and forth until the final seconds. With five seconds left on the clock, the Challenged Rangers were up by a point. All they had to do was hold onto the ball for a victory. The floating pass came in to the point guard, but that is when everything started to rise for Z-league. Allen Islas was able to secure the ball for Z-league when the Challenged Rangers had difficulties handling it. Islas drove the ball to the hoop scoring a point with the buzzer going off right as the ball swished through the net. This propelled Z-League to their first win of the season with a score of 33-32.

Chi Alpha beat Scherp by a score of 34 to 30.  It was the only close game of the night. The Balding Eagles, Psychedelic Platypuses, ERAU Legends, Challenged Rangers, and Free Agents all beat their opponents by a large margin.

On Feb. 4, all the games were large blowouts. The ERAU Legends defeated Balding Eagles, Psychedelic Platypuses, Theta Xi, Free Agents, and Tri-Pod.

The teams are gearing up for the playoffs with only two games left. Playoffs begin on Feb. 26. The rankings show where the teams stand and the brackets.

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