The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Ice Eagles skated onto the ice with wins in their last two games on Monday, Feb. 4. Their opponent for this matchup was the Knights. The Eagles have versed this team many times throughout the season. This is a decent team that was to put up a very good game against the Eagles, but things did not go very well for the Knights.

The Knights started the game well and scored the first goal of the night. This was a turn of events from previous games that the Eagles had just won only nights before. Things quickly turned around with 7:35 left in the first period as the Eagles led the Knights 4-1. The Eagles began to push the offensive against the Knights as another goal was scored at 1:52, making the game 5-1 with Eagles beginning a commanding lead in shots on goal at 13-7.

The second period started out much like the first, but it wasn’t the Knights who scored. At 11:50, the Eagles scored again pushing the lead to 6-1. Throughout the remaining second period the Knights were able to hold the Eagles to only one more goal making it 7-1, but the shots on goal showed something else. Yes, the Knights were holding the Eagles from scoring, but the shots on goal actually number 32-14. The Eagles were putting the pressure on the goalie who was holding his own by letting only seven goals in to this point of the game. The buzzer blared ending the second period and giving the Knights a minute rest before the massacre could continue.

The Knights bravely took the ice for the third period as the Eagles hungered for more. The Eagles did not give any mercy as they went to score the eighth goal of the night only seven seconds into the third period. The game that might have been close, turned to a complete route as the Eagles went on to score three more times with only five minutes left. The Knights were able to manage a goal with 0:42 left in the period, but the Eagles scored right after them at 0:17 making the final score 12-2. The Eagles were able to continue their onslaught as their shots on goal number 49-17. The Knights were routed throughout the game and could not keep up any momentum.

The Eagles finish the game with a final score of 12-2 and 49 shots on goal. This game was impressive to watch as the Eagles maintained control of the ice. This was a good showing of what the Eagles can do when in the right situations with the playoffs right around the corner. The Ice Eagles continue to get more and more attention on campus as this is an exciting team to watch every game. The playoffs will feature each team, as there is only four teams in the league. The Ice Eagles have a very good chance to go far and do well against their opponents.

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