Skating onto the ice after three straight wins the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Ice Eagles were ready to take on the Rams Monday, Feb. 11. In the league, the Rams are the biggest competition to the Ice Eagles as the two teams continually exchange wins. However, this game did not go anywhere near as planned for the Eagles as the puck was dropped for the first period.

The Rams took an early lead at 9:53 in the first period, but the Eagles were able to respond very quickly with a corresponding goal. In less than two minutes, the Rams pulled ahead again making the game 1-2. Exactly 16 seconds later, the Eagles tied the game, proving to the crowd that this was going to be a very close game all the way, but they ended up being very wrong. With another goal for each team, the first period ended 3-3 and shots on goal stood at 11-12.

The Eagles were shaken as six goals were scored in the first period between the two teams, but their defense and offense were ready after the minute interval to begin the second. The second period was where the beginning of the end began. Just moments after the Rams had two players placed in the penalty box, the Eagles had an advantage to press the attack. But instead, one Ram broke through the defense and scored making the game 3-4. The Eagles and crowd were stunned as a goal was scored on a two person power play.

Shaking off the power play score, the Eagles defense stood strong for the better part of the second period when all of a sudden it collapsed. Starting at 4:51 left in the second period, the Eagles were given another opportunity where the Rams were on a two person power play, but gave up a goal in the process. Then, in the last minutes of the game the defense fell apart as four goals were scored ending the second period at 3-9. The shots on goal left the Eagles with a 16-21, showing that the Rams were starting to turn up the heat.

At the start of the third period, there were 15 minutes to turn things around. Everyone has seen professional teams turn the game around and make miraculous comebacks in the third period, this was not one of them. The Rams came out swinging and did not let up their offense. They could not be stopped. Scoring early in the third showed that the game was going to end in defeat as the score was 3-10. The Eagles did everything to try and turn the game around, but their luck turned against them. The Eagles even tried pulling their goalie to create a tactical advantage, but even with one extra person the Rams scored again.The Rams continued to score throughout the third period with an additional two goals leaving the score 3-13. The shots on goal for the game ended very close with the Eagles having 28 and the Rams 29.

The Rams were the last game for the regular season. The Eagles look to do well against the league, but not if they played like this. The Eagles need support in their final games of the season as they are going to playoffs.

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