Product: Little John Portable Urinal

Price: $8.50 at Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Rating: 4 Stars


Imagine you are on a long cross-country flight, soaring over the Sonoran desert without a care in the world. Until, out of nowhere, Mother Nature comes a’ callin’.

One of the worst things a student pilot can experience is a full bladder on a long solo flight. Not only do you have to make an embarrassing diversion into an airport you have most likely never been to before, but remember how hard it is to concentrate when you have to go to the bathroom? Yeah, try shooting an approach to minimums in that condition.

Well now there is no need to worry about that. With the Little John portable urinal, you will never have to make an unscheduled bathroom break again! Sporting a robust 32 ounces of liquid storage capacity, this baby will take whatever you can dish out.

Apparently the technology behind this little miracle has been around for years in hospitals. Why did I not find out about this sooner? Think of all the applications beyond aviation: road trips, final exams, movie theatres; this thing is going to get more popular than the iPad! In all seriousness, this is truly a great product.

With its spill proof cap you will never have to worry about any unwanted sloshing due to turbulence. According to Sporty’s, it can even be used to capture the results of motion sickness; although I don’t think you would want to put one of these up against your mouth…

While it may not be the most flashy and futuristic aviation gadget out there, it certainly gets the job done and can be a lifesaver to the money conscious flyer; think of all the cash you’ll save when you won’t have to divert to take bathroom breaks anymore! If you are in the market for a reliable, efficient, and useful aviation tool, I strongly suggest taking the Little John for a spin.

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