In all honesty I am becoming tired of America’s political system. In an age where life moves so fast, it seems that those with important jobs do nothing at all. The political pool of information feels like a stagnant pond. Let us be honest with ourselves. Other than Sandy Hook and a few other shootings, what else has truly been “news” recently? America is still tied up on issues that were supposed to have been taken care of years ago.

Turn on any news network and all you will find are the same old people hashing out the same issues that they have been for the past three to four years. In all honesty, no one really cares about the news any more. Sure, the issues are real enough, but I am tired of hearing people talk about issues instead of solving those issues. No wonder the news is losing viewers. In fact to try to keep things more interesting, all of the major news networks have started covering scandals here and scandals there. I don’t care about which celebrity did what. If I did, I would read a tabloid because that is a real source of news.

Unfortunately, the news producers aren’t completely to blame. Politics have become more and more polarized, polarized to the point that I honestly think that neither party actually even has a specific moral belief system anymore. All Congress seems to do is sit there and butt heads together. In fact they are like children, uncompromising in every issue, and when they don’t get their way they throw a temper tantrum. Since nothing has really been accomplished lately, they all seem to be throwing their little hissy fits. It would seem as though Congress, our elected highly paid representatives, need a babysitter.

The saddest part of all of this is the President, king of do nothing. Many times Congress has come so close to actually passing something productive, a compromise that both parties worked out typically through collaboration between the Speaker of the House and the President, only for the President to pull out at the last minute. I honestly don’t really care about what Obama does any more, because other than the day-to-day logistics he doesn’t seem to do anything, and I believe that most of America thinks so too. Obama’s recent State of the Union address only had 3.3 million views, a shocking near third of what most presidential speeches draw.

America is tired of a political system that is over polarized. We need politicians that are real men and women. Men and women that can come to a sensible compromise and make a deal to get productive legislature passed, and maybe actually pass a budget for the first time in a few years.

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