Mardi Gras this year was celebrated by the WoW cafe with giveaways and a wing eating contest. The event was on Tuesday, Feb. 12 and plenty of students came to the big event. Just like last semester, the student union was almost packed.

The entire event started at 6 p.m. with the wing eating contest at 7 p.m. For the beginning, it was really just lots of beads, lots of everyone going to get food and sitting down, waiting in anticipation for the big event. The conversations were just as exciting as the purple, green, yellow and white cake that sat near the counter, enticing everybody who was there. Everyone had beads and green and purple fortune cookies. The hour before the contest was a relaxing event that was just a quiet build up for the main event.

The start of the wing eating contest was announced. The contest started off a little rocky with almost no one who had signed up before the event being there, so they asked eight brave people to come up and sit at the table and take on the hottest hot sauce that WoW has, Buffalo XIII.

The contestants had to sign a waiver, and then the event started. The contest was 10 minutes to eat two pounds of wings each, with a back up of two more pounds. Each contestant could have whatever drink they wanted as well as any kind of condiments. Oddly enough there was no wild scrabbling for the bathroom, everyone was rather sedate as they ate the wings.

Student Anthony Plummer was willing to talk to  the reporter and had lots of good reports about the event. “It was definitely a fun event, and I look forward to doing it next semester. It was lots of good fun. I didn’t realize at the time that when they said that we could have any drink we wanted that included milk and I thought one guy was cheating, but he wasn’t, so yeah.” He also had time to talk about the hot sauce and the wings. “They were spicy and hot, really fun. Surprised that they had wings, but they were alright.”

After the first ten minutes it took another ten minutes while they weighed each contestant’s meal. Then it was time for cake. It was a very good chocolate cake that had amazing frosting.

Finally, the winner was announced. Tyler Huether had eaten two pounds seven ounces of the wings. He won a $25 giftcard and a huge basket of food. After the event, Huether was asked to take a picture and sign it, and then the raffles started. It was an exciting night with all of the contestants getting told that they’d be called back next year since they ate more than the first wing eating contestants did last semester.

All in all the Mardi Gras event at the WoW cafe was a lot of fun and full of excitement. The beads, colors, and everything else made the WoW cafe the place to be on the 12th. Make sure to be there next time, because maybe you’ll end up the win

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