Blackberry may have started the smartphone craze but since then the smartphone industry has been taken over by Android and Apple. However another player has entered the smartphone industry, and who other than Microsoft would take on these already established companies that we have all know and love. While a little tardy to the party, Microsoft has definitely entered the arena with huge strides of success.


The Windows phone operating system has begun to prove that it is the idealized hybrid between the other two cellular giants. It offers the stability and speed of the iPhone while broadening its capabilities like the Android phone. While the Windows phone has nowhere near the range of applications found with both the Apple and Android markets, it compensates with Microsoft exclusives until it catches up.


Featuring a tile format similar to the iPhone, the Windows phone allows you to create a tile for just about everything including direct links to pages inside apps. This allows the user to track U of A basketball through ESPN with a custom tile, free of charge. This feature also acts as the speed dial allowing you to create individual tiles for contacts linking to all their information.


This leads to the people hub, a tile that gives access to all that you need to keep up to date with your contacts. The first screen in the people hub is your master news feed. That’s right, the Windows phone pulls the news feeds from all of your social networks and puts them all in one news feed in chronological order. If this wasn’t enough the phone allows you to sync your contacts with all of their information from all their social network info giving a near bio on every contact, all available at your fingertips. The Windows phone is by far the best phone on the market to handle social media.


Another feature exclusive to the windows phone is the office tile. You guessed it, not only can you read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files but you can also edit each one of them. And if that’s not enough for you, Word and Excel files can be created on the phone. With Skydrive, similar to Dropbox, it is effortless to transfer these files between your phone and any computer with a simple password. Including OneNote, this phone becomes tablet-like in its note-taking abilities.


While still lacking in the diversity achieved with the Android phone and the popularity of the iPhone, the Windows phone is clearly the new up and coming phone to have. An all-around great and reliable phone, in a year or two it will easily have the competition playing catch up. Microsoft has definitely outdone itself.

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