Several Global Security and Intelligence Studies (GSIS) students visited Dr. Michael Bozeman’s office on Friday, Feb. 1 to wish him luck as he departs on medical leave for the rest of the semester. “We expect him to come back in the Fall and resume his teaching load,” said GSIS Chairman Baker, “and he certainly wants to come back in the Fall and resume teaching.” Dr. Bozeman has made a significant impact during the time he has been here, and was hired about a semester ago due to his vast experience both in academia and in the field. “He was carefully selected based on his outstanding academic career, and likewise, his outstanding career in law enforcement,” said Baker, and Dr. Bozeman has quickly become one of the favored professors by students in the GSIS program.

Dr. Bozeman has a rich experience in law enforcement, derived from a 30 year career working for various organizations. He spent more than 20 years in the Houston Police Department, where he first worked patrol, but then began to do undercover work for the department’s narcotics and vice divisions. He then moved to the department’s intelligence division, where he did a lot of “deep-cover” work investigating organized crime. He investigated outlaw motorcycle gangs, Asian organized crime, the Russian Mafia, and La Cosa Nostra (Sicilian Mafia).

The last seven years of his career in the Houston Police Department he worked in their homicide division, of which Dr. Bozeman said he “had an absolute blast in terms of the challenge of working to combat the human mind. Chasing the human mind was the biggest challenge of my career, and so I really enjoyed that.” He was critically wounded in the line of duty in 2003, and was medically retired from the Houston Police Department due to his wounds. “They were good to me,” said Bozeman, “but one of the things I insisted on was that if [Houston] as a city was telling me that I could no longer perform the duties of police officer, than you should train me to do something else. And so that’s how I was funded to get my doctorate degree.”

He became a doctoral teaching fellow at Sam Houston State University, where he met several people that helped him gain jobs both in the United States, and internationally. “During that time, I was one of the few Americans fully security vetted to work in New Scotland Yard in London,” said Dr. Bozeman, and that he also worked with the homicide bureau in Istanbul, Turkey. After that he laid the groundwork for the “body-farm” at Colorado Mesa University, and taught at the University of Texas. He has also worked with the US Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the US Marshal Service.

“I appreciate the interest in the [Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University] community”, said Dr. Bozeman, “everyone at the university has been extremely supportive, and the students have been great, and I can’t wait to get this done and come back.” Baker also commented, that “[Bozeman] is an outstanding addition to our program, and we selected him out of a lot of potential candidates.  We definitely wish him well, and hope that he can recover sufficiently to take over the position in the Fall, and we have him scheduled for Fall classes.”

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