Celebrate Awesome is the theme of this year’s National Engineers Week – a time devoted to awareness of the nation’s engineers and a celebration of their achievements and ability to invent, design, and create things that matter. Not only are engineers involved with changing the world all the time, they can be inventors, working with other smart, creative, and inspiring people.


Engineering careers come in a variety of flavors. Today’s engineering jobs range from software engineers keeping hackers away from sensitive intelligence data, to automotive engineers charged with designing twenty-first century wheel covers, door entry systems, and instrument panels capable of roadmapping and iPod playing. It was the civil and many other types of engineers who conceived, designed, and created the Chunnel – that undersea tunnel connecting Kent in the UK to Calais in northern France.


You may think of many more engineers besides these who have changed our world: Leonardo Da Vinci, Nichola Tesla, Steve Wozniak, Gustave Eiffel, William Harley, William Hewlett, Alfred Nobel, Leonid Brezhnev, Igor Sikorsky, Larry Page, Ellen Ochoa, Yasser Arafat, Gottlieb Daimler, and Karl Benz. Thomas Edison, famous for saying, “genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration,” was another great engineer. U.S. Presidents have also been inventors or engineers – Thomas Jefferson, Herbert Hoover, and Jimmy Carter.


We’ll be celebrating our own student and faculty engineers on the Prescott campus in the upcoming weeks. Watch for our annual National Engineers Week display in the Hazy Library vestibule and information about a planned Engineering Film Fest – 3 nights of cool, engineering-related movies like The Aviator (Howard Hughes), There Will be Blood (based on a John Steinbeck novel about oil rigs around the turn of the century), and October Sky or Rocketeer.


Celebrate your own creativity, design, and engineering heart with us during National Engineers Week!

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