In the start of Spring, students from on and off-campus with a love of basketball came together to share their talents and form teams to compete in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s intramural basketball club. Students from freshmen to seniors enjoyed themselves on the night of Jan. 19, also known as preseason day. Teams took that time to come up with serious and outrageous names such as The Warriors, Golden Eagles, Plastic Cup Boyz, Scherp, and many other titles that got the attention of the players. Already coming up with team chants and traditions that would stick, the teams headed out to test out their teamwork against their opponents. People without a team were put on a ‘free agents’ team, which made it sound similar to a professional game. The teams did well going in and scoring and cheering themselves on. Even other students came to cheer their team of choice on. After teams were locked and set, the season began with a great start. Teams were bonding, coming up with unique plays, and encouraging themselves to come back with impressive wins over unsuspecting others. To many students’ surprise, some of the older teachers and staff members who make up The Balding Eagles returned to challenge the students. They showed no hesitation to prove to their opponents that they are just as good at basketball. The Balding Eagles also teach students, through their teamwork and effort, the more fundamental side of basketball.

If you ever want to see these teams compete, go down to the Activity Center on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. The teams are composed of many different sizes, ages, majors, and cultures who come together to compete and share their talents with one another.

It is almost never too late to join either. If you want to join a team, go to the activity center during those times and sign up or ask a team member you know of if you can join their team.

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