The beginning of the intramural indoor soccer season started last Wednesday, Jan. 23. Since this was the first night of competition for the season, there were a couple of foul-ups by team members and referees. At the beginning of the night, the first teams began warming up while the score table was being set up. 2012 B league playoff team, “Those Guys”, and a brand new team, “The Wilsons”, competed in the first game of the night. Sean Ruiz, a player for Those Guys, said, “this year has some promise.” When asked about the freshman team he played on, Ruiz said, “I thought they had good potential. I would like to see how they will play with a full four people on the field.” This comments on the rule that teams are allowed to play with three players even though normal teams are composed of four. The new referees need some more experience, but there are many people watching the game to give input. Throughout the game, the teams and officials had different opinions on calls. These calls were eventually solved quickly by other officials helping out and watching the games.

This season there were a few new rules but for the most part the rules remained the same. At the captain meeting for indoor soccer, the rules were explained.The first thing explained at the meeting was sportsmanship. Last semester during outdoor soccer there were a couple of near fights during and after games. Everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their abilities, but cheating, verbal and physical abuse, and a win-at-all-cost attitude is considered inappropriate. Many participants believe that the purpose of intramurals is to use competitive sports to promote exercise and fun. “The people that take this too seriously can sometimes get on my nerves. I just come here to have fun and stay in shape,” said Aidan Doherty, member of Those Guys.

Originally there were going to be two leagues, an A and a B league. Unfortunately, not enough teams signed up. Teams will all compete in an open league of 12 teams and will be seeded into two separate brackets for playoffs. The amount of teams for the playoff bracket has not yet  been determined, but should be a fair representation of competitiveness versus recreation in the teams. The regular season is set to end on Feb. 25 with the playoffs starting on the Feb. 27. The playoffs will then end on Mar. 6. All teams showed potential to play well during the season and work for the championship in the playoffs.

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