On Jan. 24 the Ice Eagles once again took on the Rams. The Eagles took their spot on the ice and were ready to battle. The puck was quickly dropped and from the start you could tell it was going to be a rough game. The two teams rallied back and forth as the Ice Eagles had made several good blocks. With 8 minutes left in the first period the Rams scored. Just two minutes later, another score by the Rams. The battle continued and although the Ice Eagles kept up a good defense, the Rams managed to score once more with three minutes left in the period. This, however, did not stop the Ice Eagles. With two minutes left Devon Dundore made an impressive shot and scored the Ice Eagles their first point. This ended the first period 3-1 Rams.

Another long period started with the battle over the puck. For the first eleven minutes of the second period, the two teams rallied back and forth. Both the Ice Eagles and Rams took shots at one another but none prevailed in scoring. That was until  Mitch McKenzie, scored with four minutes left in the period. The Rams took hold of the puck and scored a minute later, making the score 4-2 Rams. The Ice Eagles were not going to stand for this though and just a minute later Paul Salveson scored. Hit after hit the Ice Eagles swooped in, and with the last minute of the second period McKenzie scored again. This tied the score 4-4 at the end of the second period.

Just a few minutes into the third period, the Rams scored. The Ice Eagles needed to get back in the game if they wanted to keep up. With seven minutes left, Robert Rippe scored. This tied the game once again. Ice Eagles made several  impressive blocks at the goal to prevent the Rams from scoring again, but the Ice Eagles could not get the puck into the goal again. This ended the third period tied at 5-5.

This took the Ice Eagles into penalty shoot offs. There would be five rounds of players shooting at the goal. It started with the Rams, who scored easily. The Ice Eagles took their position, skated down the ice but missed. The Rams scored a second time, leaving everyone wary. If Ice Eagles did not make the next point it would all be over. McKenzie zoomed in and scored for the Eagles, making the penalty round 2-1. It continued through the rounds and though the Ice Eagles did not score, goalie, John Brightbill made excellent blocks. With the last round the Rams scored again, winning the game with 3-1 penalty shots.

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