It has been a long day and the gym is closed before the daily gym routine could be commenced. Luckily, with this workout a good muscle pump and cardio workout can be achieved using just bodyweight. This means no gym equipment will be needed and the workout can be performed at any desired location.

The workout is divided into three circuits that each contains four simple exercises. Each exercise will be performed at 30 repetitions (reps) at five sets. Once each set is completed, ensure that a rest period of 30 to 60 seconds occurs before continuing to the next set. In addition to this rest period it is okay to take a short rest while performing each set if necessary. This workout contains a total of 60 sets which will take at least an hour to complete.

Before beginning, consume preferred pre-workout foods if desired and ensure hydration. It is also imperative to stretch in order to prevent any injury and very important to continue to hydrate throughout the workout to prevent dehydration. The workout should immediately be stopped if any feelings of fatigue, dizziness, or lightheadedness occur.

Upon completion of the workout, ensure to stretch and continue to hydrate and consume a protein shake if desired.

Circuit One

Push-ups 5 sets, 30 reps (Ensure to break 90 degrees)

Bench Dips 5 sets, 30 reps (Can substitute bench for chair or raised object)

Wall-sit 5 sets, 45 sec

Russian Twist 5 sets, 30 reps

Circuit Two

Plank 5 sets, 60 seconds (Ensure good form by having a flat back)

Flutter Kicks 5 sets, 30 reps (Ensure good form by raising 6 in. above ground)

Diamond push-up 5 sets, 30 reps

Bodyweight Squat 5 sets, 30 reps

Circuit Three

Mountain Climbers 5 sets, 30 reps

Calf Raise 5 sets, 30 reps

Shadow Boxing (Stand in a squat position and do uppercut shadow boxing) 5 sets, 30 reps

Bodyweight Lunges 5 sets, 30 rep

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