I’m pleased to announce that there are some significant changes coming to the Flight Simulation Center. In fact, when students return to campus after this coming summer, we will have replaced our Frasca training devices with new, state of the art, training devices from Paradigm Flight Simulation. Since October, we’ve been working through the procurement process to ensure we select the best training device for our students. After an exhaustive review of available devices, we selected Paradigm as the vendor.

We have ordered three Cessna 172 Advanced Aviation Training Devices and one Diamond DA 42 NG Advanced Aviation Training Device. All of the training devices are replicas of the aircraft, powered by a Lockheed Martin developed simulation engine, and run with the newest computing technology available. The devices will be equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics and the GFC-700 integrated autopilot system. The Diamond and two of the Cessna devices will have a 220-degree wrap-around visual system. Based on projected utilization, the tasks typically completed in the training devices, and our desire to reduce flight training expenses, the third Cessna device will be what Paradigm markets as the “172 LITE” version. Our goal is to use the “LITE” device in the introduction to instrument flying lessons. While we’re still working specifics, this device will be offered at a substantially lower rate than the other devices.

Which brings me to the next topic; the rates you have been paying for the devices this past year will not change much at all. In fact, we’re able to provide these brand new training devices and will be adjusting rates by ONLY a 2% increase. That’s less than $2 per hour.

These new devices will allow us to advance the style of training conducted, providing a better training experience, and overall reducing the cost of flight training. We look forward to continued improvement in the flight training product. Look for more exciting news in the coming months!

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