Like many times before, the Ice Eagles took the ice against the Frogmen, one of the three rivals in their league. The Ice Eagles were on fire with less than three minutes into the first period with the first goal of the game. The goal was scored by Paul Salveson, with the assist going to Robert Rippe. With the momentum early in the game, the crowd was ecstatic that this would be a sign of putting the Frogmen on the ropes and defensive.

At first the theory was right since the Eagles scored again in the first period less than two minutes later. This goal was scored by former assister Rippe with the assist going to Mitch McKenzie. The game looked to be going in the Eagle’s favor, but the Frogmen kept the shot count even throughout the first period. The Eagles were able to hold off a power play assault to end the period with a 2-0 lead and the shots on goal at 9-9.

With a few minutes of rest, the Eagles were back on the ice, but the second period went much different than the first. The Eagles continued to pound the puck against the Frogmen when the unthinkable happened. With two opponents in the penalty box, the Eagles looked at a prime opportunity to score a goal when one of the remaining three Frogmen broke away. At 6:47 of the second period, the Frogmen scored their first goal against a double power play.

The Eagles looked to shake off the mistake as the teams became even again, but almost as soon as they were given another opportunity at a power play, they did it again. At 3:32 the Frogmen scored again breaking through the defense to an open goalie. The crowd cheered as the second period ended at a 2-2 tie.

The Ice Eagles came out on fire in the third. Taking the scores against them, they put up a better defense and pinned the Frogmen within their part of the ice. Throughout the third period, the Frogmen were hardly able to take the puck into the Eagles territory. As the period ticked by there was no scoring, but in the last three minutes there was a total of four penalties, which it then became a 3v3 game. That only lasted for a few minutes as the teams went into overtime.

Just like the NHL, the teams went into a sudden death shoot out. The shootout consisted of the best out of five shots to win. However, in the first five rounds of the shoot out it ended in 3-3. With one last round for each team to get a chance at the win, the Frogmen went first only to get a miss. Bill Thompson went in and placed one into the net. The Eagles took the win over the Frogmen with a 3-2 victory.

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