With all the clubs finally getting under way for the new semester, we have a ton of exciting things happening around campus with club activities. This club is not new, but it is very exciting in what they are doing. The RC club is a club everyone would expect to be on campus, but many do not realize how much fun this club can provide for everyone.

Tim Tilney is the president of the club, and an aeronautical science sophomore. Tilney has inherited the club from the former president who graduated recently. The club is five years old and is currently holding 47 members. The club shares the field with Casa De Aero RC Club. Every morning, club members can be found out at the fields flying their planes.

On every second Saturday of the month, Casa De Aero hosts a “come fly with us,” where any student can fly an RC plane with an instructor. This will allow anyone to learn how to fly a plane with the proper instructions.

A really cool event the club is planning is to do an RC Ribbon Cutting contest. This is where you attach a 10 foot ribbon to the tail of the plane, and fly two planes at the same time to try and use the props of the planes to cut the other person’s ribbon.

If you are interested in this club please contact Tilney at [tim.tilney@my.erau.edu]. There is no experience needed to be a member and you do not even need your own plane.

If you would like to see your club in newspaper please contact Bryan Rhodes at [rhodesb1@my.erau.edu] for some more information on how to get your club some advertising.

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